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  • #1.Bike Racing 3D - Loved the game. Finished all 60 levels with 3 stars in all. please give more levels. the bike upgrades are not logical. i played entire game with only two bikes with customized upgrades to them. rest is great
  • #2.Bike Racing 3D - I love it so much because of its super cool playing and its amazing levels. I am so thank full to that man that person who invent this game love you yaar
  • #3.Bike Racing 3D - I played this game in three different devices and I had to start from scratch every time. .. The game is wonderful but no backup of game data online is primitive. How I can suppose to start from zero every time I format my device. Further, no Google play achievements is a deal breaker. Fix it guys and earn 5 stars
  • #4.Bike Racing 3D - It is a very good game, i liked it a lot, there are some hard levels but it's ok ! 5 stars absolutely!
  • #5.Bike Racing 3D - Most wonderful game....only in 15 days i have completed all level with unlock the bikes also...good one...
  • #6.Bike Racing 3D - We need more levels, to enjoy and make levels more harder so far its the best 3D one view bike racing game, i wil give it more stars if updated instantly
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