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  • #1.Bike Racing 3D - It is fun to be able to race and jump in fire hoops and stuff that's dangerous and that you get to die
  • #2.Bike Racing 3D - This is a very nice game my mobile is Samsung galaxy star u0026amp; this game is very suitable to my mobile I love it very much
  • #3.Bike Racing 3D - This game is so boreing you could puke I uninstaled this game the first time I started to play.WHAT THE HECK!!!!
  • #4.Bike Racing 3D - This is an outstanding bike racing game I've ever played ..excellent, addictive and I look forward the next 60 levels with most highly obstacles and challanged ! It has all finished with 3 stars .. It is eager to play the next ..?
  • #5.Bike Racing 3D - Love to know where the stars, that is, is either placed up or down. But you wouldn't know unless you have gone past it. So maybe you could indicate the stars position on the road map better by placing it above or below the road map... Developers contact me for more info on what I'm trying to say here!! Otherwise is a pretty neat game... N I enjoy playing it!!
  • #6.Bike Racing 3D - Quite a gud game with marvel n eye catching graphics.While! what an awesome game I have ever played.I lov it.
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