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  • #1.Bike Racing 3D - Awesome, when my girlfriend is laughing at me and in tears when I crash and the rider falls in crazy positions....
  • #2.Bike Racing 3D - The game does not look good but if you continue to play it gets addicting. Do not know whats coming next. I know a 720 flip is 4 times. How the F#u0026amp;k do you do it?
  • #3.Bike Racing 3D - Loved the game. Finished all 60 levels with 3 stars in all. please give more levels. the bike upgrades are not logical. i played entire game with only two bikes with customized upgrades to them. rest is great
  • #4.Bike Racing 3D - Didn't thought it would be good. But went with reviews and found hooked to it. Advice: don't play before you go to sleep. You'll drive this in your sleep too :)
  • #5.Bike Racing 3D - Love this game it's very addicting...I travel for work so it helps to pass time...keep up the great work hope to play new free games from this creator in the near future
  • #6.Bike Racing 3D - Its like a few other bikerace games ive tried, this one has the best graphics. Will keep playing and update ratings.
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