• #1.Blossom Blast Saga - Only reason no 5 stars, is because eventually you will go to play a level, and the screen just stays white. But it still takes one of your turns, not cool.
  • #2.Blossom Blast Saga - Play lasts for hours. It looks easy and like there is not much to it until you play...I know I'm hooked!!
  • #3.Blossom Blast Saga - Can't stop playing because of beautiful graphics and interesting sounds of flowers. Totally love this game!
  • #4.Blossom Blast Saga - The sending of lives n other request is very slow and at times irritating. Please make it a faster on a click.
  • #5.Blossom Blast Saga - Very fun game! Had to uninstall it and reinstall it once and lost my progress but it happens. No problems since
  • #6.Blossom Blast Saga - I had won level 240 with 1 star. But I couldn't find any ways to unlock next levels. Could you tell me what I should do. Thanks!
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