• #1.Can You Escape - I love this game because it's some times challenging. The only problem I had is the game wants to stop while I'm in the middle of a level and I have to keep staring over and redoing every thing. I even have to collect all the pieces I already had. That needs to be fixed and we need more levels and it would be perfect.
  • #2.Can You Escape - Each level was harder than the next! Level 10 really got me stuck so I had to cheat and use the walk thru, but I made it on my own from levels 1 thru 9 and loved it!
  • #3.Can You Escape - Other than a few crashes this one really had my brain twisted( admitful...I did look at a walkthough on the last one )
  • #4.Can You Escape - I liked this game very much, it's nice and simple, I need more, I feel sad as it only have 10 rooms. Please add more levels as soon as possible
  • #5.Can You Escape - You can finish up n 1-2 hours because it only had 10 levels. But it's still a nice game and worth playing.
  • #6.Can You Escape - I love how it uses your brain, to think in different ways, its very unique and fun BUT it only goes to level ten and sometimes you can't grab or do certain things that need to be done
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