• #1.Can You Escape - This game is so fun. I loved it... But the problem is its only have 10 level... Please add some level.....
  • #2.Can You Escape - I liked this game very much, it's nice and simple, I need more, I feel sad as it only have 10 rooms. Please add more levels as soon as possible
  • #3.Can You Escape - It comes on no tutorials, no walk through. I'm pressing random stuff, it gets big then nothing... Trash
  • #4.Can You Escape - I love this game because it's some times challenging. The only problem I had is the game wants to stop while I'm in the middle of a level and I have to keep staring over and redoing every thing. I even have to collect all the pieces I already had. That needs to be fixed and we need more levels and it would be perfect.
  • #5.Can You Escape - At first I didn't know what to do so I pressed the ? Button and I watched a video how to do it and I was like why do they make a video how to pass it it's just like cheating so I used it on every level and its super easy now no problem:-)
  • #6.Can You Escape - It really made me think and I was very confused! It's a real group activity making everyone get together and cringe at how bad they are at puzzles.
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