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  • #1.Can You Escape - I love this game, its nice to pass time. But there's a problem, whenever I play it, it gets stop. Please fix this problem. It will be a great help to me. Regards, MANYA.
  • #2.Can You Escape - Each level had issues when selecting an item within a room nothing happened. Going to be uninstalling because bug won't let me get to next level even after restarting app
  • #3.Can You Escape - This game is amazing, I recommend it 2 people who lyk a challenge tho, not people who get fed up easily and give up but I loved it coz I do lyk challenge however the only thing wrong with it is we have 2 wait 4 more levels when u get room 11,I think u shud make all levels @ once and then let us play in peace instead of making us wait and put us off the game, plz fix this and that's only reason I didn't rate a 5
  • #4.Can You Escape - It comes on no tutorials, no walk through. I'm pressing random stuff, it gets big then nothing... Trash
  • #5.Can You Escape - It's hard to figure out what you are supposed to do but once you get one clue it gets easier. Like the game
  • #6.Can You Escape - Some tricky spots, but overall an easy game. It became very one dimensional after a few rooms, so they could have added different types of interaction to make it more interesting in the long run. But I enjoyed it.
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