can you escape level 7 game (10001 results)
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  • #1.Can You Escape - These games are intriguingly difficult and that's no lie. I need more games like these to challenge myself due to memory loss that comes and goes and I'm not even 50. Thank you for some of the most wonderful games/apps
  • #2.Can You Escape - This game is AWESOME but I've been doing and redoing level 8, 6 times now and finally it went thru only to have it crash on me near the end of level 9. it's very frustrating when the levels take a while to complete only to have to start over and over and over. Won't stop crashing..
  • #3.Can You Escape - It is so fun to figure out how to escape each level. I have a bad memory, so I grab some paper u0026amp; a pen, then I can't stop playing/progressing.
  • #4.Can You Escape - I love this app its is a great way to pass the time and its super fun its also a strategy game which I love strategy games hats off to the makers there super good at there job
  • #5.Can You Escape - The last levil, a pyramid with an eye in it is formed to unlock the door, also the game kept on notifying me it has stooped, more than six times, without any reason...other than that its ok....get rid of the weird signs.
  • #6.Can You Escape - It's hard but your challenging your brain and it's good for you and it's fun at the same time but they put watch video then people watch it and cheat off of it besides that It's fun and challenging
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