can you escape the house walkthrough level 7 (10001 results)
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  • #1.Can You Escape - Wonderfully frustrating .. brilliantly addictive. If you are looking for a game to entertain and work that brain of yours at the same time then this is the one for you.
  • #2.Can You Escape - Seems like I have been waiting for new rooms to be added for a very long time. What is the hold up???
  • #3.Can You Escape - I enjoy that I can figure out 99% of it without help but appreciate having the walk through right there if you need it. It's fun and not frustrating at all. I play these games a lot and found myself using walk throughs a lot with the others which defeats the purpose. BEST PART: IT SAVES YOUR PROGRESS. So annoying when the other developers make you start all over if you take a break.
  • #4.Can You Escape - I love this app its is a great way to pass the time and its super fun its also a strategy game which I love strategy games hats off to the makers there super good at there job
  • #5.Can You Escape - This game is super fun. Very challenging and clever, however it closes for unknown reasons. It's really discouraging when you make it almost all the way through a level and it crashes. You lose all of the items you've collected and have to start all over again. Also, it would be great if you could pause it and not lose everything. If the phone rings I lose everything I've collected. Please fix!
  • #6.Can You Escape - Good exercise for brain. Its really tricky. I completed all d levels. Pls upgrade this game with new levels...:-)
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