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  • #1.Candy Crush Saga - Went to bed trying to beat level 202 and woke up to level one?? What happened? Where did all my levels go? I won't start over. Pls help fix. UPDATE App back to correct level!
  • #2.Candy Crush Saga - I am a huge fan of Candy Crush. This app has never given any problems and I love the bonuses that they occasionally give.
  • #3.Candy Crush Saga - Downloaded new version. Wish I hadn't, I enjoyed the old version better. Some levels are impossible to beat without boosters. What I would really like to see is the ability to buy a "booster" that allows you to skip a level. Buying boosters can add up fast, be careful to watch the amount you spend. I can't stop playing this game.
  • #4.Candy Crush Saga - Whenever I need a break, I can throw on this game and escape from my responsibilities. Helps time move quickly while waiting in airports and for late friends to show up.
  • #5.Candy Crush Saga - Some levels are almost impossible unless you spend real money on boosts and no way to earn them like in the other games
  • #6.Candy Crush Saga - It's an okay game. Very addictive. I wouldn't recommend, because everyone I know plays or has played it
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