• #1.Carrom 3D - I found it better. I have suggession that it should follow the rules. Another thing is coulor cobination should be improved. Otherwise its nice to pass the time.
  • #2.Carrom 3D - Really i don't miss having a real carrom board. This fun game truly replaced the real game. The only thing i miss the i ability to play with blue tooth with another player, it simply doesn't connect. For rest of it its a thumbs up.
  • #3.Carrom 3D - Natural things are better so I consider it as a worst game so I think we should always not be dependent on gadgets so I have uninstall it
  • #4.Carrom 3D - Really 3d and great game by his devloper and many players option like computer, begnier, expert makes him more perfect.
  • #5.Carrom 3D - when i'm winning the game then also It says that android wins Plzz fix it fast. Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz
  • #6.Carrom 3D - Playing carrom after around twenty years. Thanks for the software. Given four stars as the controls are jerky and needs improvement.
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