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  • #1.Angry Birds 2 - They last few updates haven't been so great due to bug problems. But it's expected..... besides that it's a great game I play everyday every chance I get. The new updates are great and the daily challenges are perfect for this game. Also the multi-player is pretty cool with the person to person game play. Would be cool if u can play against friends as well.... besides that it's a great game best game I have by far.
  • #2.Angry Birds 2 - Upgraded to S7 and lost ALL my progress. How do I get it back? I've signed out and back in and even my achievements are still there but I have no more than that.
  • #3.Angry Birds 2 - Same great idea with our beloved birds but with a new twist. Bright vivid colors great fun for the whole family. Get your Birds on!
  • #4.Angry Birds 2 - But why is Angry Birds 2 asking for permission to make and manage my phone calls??? If it continues to request permission to make and manage my phone calls I will uninstall it. Shame because I really like the game.
  • #5.Angry Birds 2 - I just cant get over the feature of not being able to reset freely. If we do, we lose a life, and wen were out of lives we have to wait for it to recharge. Not cool man.
  • #6.Angry Birds 2 - Always loved all the AB games and my son sister and I loved the movie as well hopefully they make a second movie
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