• #1.Bike Racing 3D - U can upgrade ur vehicle gradually, earn and upgrade. Exiting levels, have enough fun, spent hours to play.
  • #2.Bike Racing 3D - Wow. I never seen good game like this. Its free and there aee so many levels you can ejoy enduro rides
  • #3.Bike Racing 3D - Keeps you on your toes, makes you focus.Try playing it first thing in the morning it's like a cup of coffee with some woopass in it....
  • #4.Bike Racing 3D - I think this game is brilliant its like ive got trials hd in my pocket like I said its brilliant and can be challenging :)
  • #5.Bike Racing 3D - Completed all levels! Overall the game had excellent features. Though dynamics can be more better coz stuck up in few levels. Nitrous should have more effect on the frame. Good and addicted.
  • #6.Bike Racing 3D - Rad game, Eazy to play, decent graphics, u0026amp; it's "FREE." So you Dude's or Dudet's need to, at least give it a try! Don't be scared download this "FREE" game. I'll see out there, doing some killer whips. "Yea, Come On."
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