• #1.Clash Royale - Had little faith in the game at first..Said a few things I shouldn't have said so openly I'm APOLOGIZING. I'm sorry... But all in all I do give this game a 7.99999999/10 honestly. Lol, I do like the new troops and the Players who play. Wicked opponents and Wiz thinking startagies. My only request is for you guys to keep making more troops and as well for CLASH OF CLANS! Long time player. I'm out -C-NO-HabloEnglo
  • #2.Clash Royale - But balance is terrible. Trophies so easy to derank I'm level 6 battling level NINES people that have like level 3 epic cards vs my 1's Totally unacceptable. Make matchmaking based on level and cards not stupid trophies or atleast add a FLOOR to the trophies to prevent griefing. I don't mind the pay to win. In fact that's pretty balanced. But keep those guys above me where they paid so much money to be at. Tldr: trophie matchmakin is dumb with "level system"
  • #3.Clash Royale - This game is super addictive but it takes a long time for you to go strong so i wish if you'll have the next update, i suggest that in every arena your chest storage( the amount of chest you get everytime you win in battles (max.4) increases and the amount of chest you open at the same time increases too but depends on you arena. Anyway i hope you saw this review and thank you for this very addictive game same as Clash Of Clans :) more power to supercell!!
  • #4.Clash Royale - Firstly the network problem even my netwk is full it just stops the game giving silly network issue indication sign..Secondly after winning the match m not getting coins thirdly I mostly get matched up with very higher players and we cannot skip dat, and if we have to suddenly stop the match so there is no such option to stop the war/match..
  • #5.Clash Royale - I lose in my battle my trophy -30 but i win in my battle +23/+25/+21 what the.. is not fair.. and if i found a cheat they use 2x elixir and mirror ... mirror mirror and generate 2x elixir what the fck is game
  • #6.Clash Royale - Ok, fun premise of a game, but the game play mechanics are f*cked. Am I really expected to wait 3 hours for a chest with NOTHING SPECIAL IN IT? The wait times get even more ludicrous after that. Plus, matches only reward you four times... unless you're waiting 8 hours for bullsh*t to unlock. Then you literally get nothing. The ranking system means nothing. The achievements are just a c*ck tease, and that's being generous, and aim simply to make you pay to play, what can be summed up as, repetitive. Don't DL
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