• #1.Clash Royale - Got many gaint and magical chest but got no legendary.... Plzz do increase the possibility of super magical chest and legendary cards
  • #2.Clash Royale - This game is great to play but the only thing is that me and my clan member's would like to face off some other clan that we choose. Supercell if you are reading this plzz make this happen
  • #3.Clash Royale - There are hackers and i can never win I went from arena 3 to arena 1 so screw off and u just lost a download because now im uninstalling clash Royale
  • #4.Clash Royale - Always have connection problem, no matter where or when i played this game. I've tried to use wifi or mobile network but it still sucks
  • #5.Clash Royale - Love that all you need to do is hut spam. Honestly half the players I go against, I'm not sure they have any other cards in their decks. Basically if you pay to upgrade your stuff and then zerg rush, you will always win, no skill needed
  • #6.Clash Royale - This game will make you mad but not as much as the support team that will make you literally jump through hoops to fix obvious problems. They want you to record the battle with another phone, upload to youtube @ them so they can see the problem everyone is having. Thats a lot to do
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