• #1.Clash Royale - New update bring some probs but now it's ok. That was great to earn money when chest slot was full. Good job developer.
  • #2.Clash Royale - Very addictive game best with friendly battle it will be good if someone add like global chat or awaken I give you 6*star xd
  • #3.Clash Royale - People move down really far in the arenas they need penalized I've seen people from arena 7 verse a arena 2 person that is terrible. Plus the matchmaking sucks it needs improved so you verse people of the same skill level. Also the game needs more defense tower cards. Plus the CONNECTION STILL SUCKS!
  • #4.Clash Royale - Quite enjoyable game. Please, pop up a confirmation when someone taps the Buy 100 Cards in the shop! I accidentally bought 100 Zap cards :(
  • #5.Clash Royale - Takes too long to open chests. Love the game though. Addictive. Still addicted! Came of my own free will! Love this game! Whew! It will steal my life! And i love it! I wish my cards were better organized though, please!
  • #6.Clash Royale - This game is not fair my opponents are lower levels than me and have better and more powerful cards than me. That is just stupid
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