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  • #1.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - When my phone locks during the time of downloading a file, it paused automatically u0026amp; when unlock my phone it ask permission to resume the download as I was not in wifi network..This is disgusting..I can't use wifi all time in all sometimes need to download files via mobile network u0026amp; I can't sit down turning my phone screen on untill a file end downloads..I like UC browser most then other but this problem is boring me a lot as I can't find any settings to turn it off..So help is regarded..thank you
  • #2.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - Now it takes more time to load news than its earlier version. Annoyed by uc music as its kind of a forced app and sometimes, when a headphone, or a speaker is connected, it automatically plays the last song played on the browser. Moreover it can not play all types of music file. Otherwise its good enough, especially while downloading. Please ensure that adding new features or looks don't interrupt the performance. We are more excited about upgrade in performace rather than new looks or features.
  • #3.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - Best for all.I have so many android browser tried but uc so comfortable and easily use for everyone...... love gor made thanks.
  • #4.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - Plz add to download in external sd card using document ui even opermini has added this feature when you will add that and new version have lag problem
  • #5.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - Am using since a couple of years. Updation is good. Pls dont look into bad reviews. They all are spams. For me its excellent. Especially for less data browsing, safe surfing, best developer support (replies) to customer reviews and speed u wont believe. No more words, just use it and believe. Thnx for the developers.....
  • #6.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - The transparent feature got a probkem. It worked at first but after i turn off the screen or switch to another app the background turn to black. Which sucks because i really like the transparent feature. Also, all the backgrounds i downloaded won't load!! I couldn't chose it as my background!! Neither do the ones i uploaded from my phone!!! I hope you can fix it cause i really love it and i love this app!! Thanks for reading my yapping!!!
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