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  • #1.Chess for Android - Doesn't take up too much space. Could you add a chess clock/timer to use while playing the game in free play?
  • #2.Chess for Android - After moving my pawn two places forward.. The opposite pawn would strike my pawn as if it's one place behind
  • #3.Chess for Android - I can beat it and it allows castling. Not sure what people are moaning about. Great game. It's not checkers folks and look up"en passent"
  • #4.Chess for Android - Has some moves unavailable even though in actuality you can make them. Bogus, cost me a couple games
  • #5.Chess for Android - You on your own with this one - no menu or settings buttons etc. Needs serious revamp! Doesnt have the features as advertised. They put this crap out there to see how it will go. Obviously they dont understand if its uninstalled thats it! Nobody will come back to this! Not worth it now!
  • #6.Chess for Android - Excellent app. I play it all the time. Very appropriate levels of difficulty. I have won up to level nine.Excellent design.Thank you
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