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  • #1.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - My phone have a problem of draining of charge. After I got this app I'm so happy that it changed a lot.
  • #2.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - Why do you think that iswipe is better than the floating widget? It is not. You cannot force people to use iswipe and expect people to be fine with it. I have used iswipe in the past, and it is easier to access the apps from the regular way. I use the floating widget more than the actual app for space-saving, and I'm deleting Clean Master now, but I will check in every once in a while in hope that you will get your heads from wherever you've stuck them.
  • #3.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - I have a samsung galaxy tab s 10.5. It suddenly slowed down and I was worried. I just downloaded this app and I have regained the previous speed. I love you clean master
  • #4.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - Most helpful app I've ever used. My phone ACTUALLY works 10x faster after deleting the junk. I would have paid $100 for this.
  • #5.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - Constant popups, everywhere. For everything. Have more than 2 apps open? "your device is sluggish. Speed up your device now!" have a few notifications come through for email? "Quiet Notifications will bring you peace" battery low and you go to plug it in? "charge 20% faster with speed boost!" decent app, but it feels like every 5 seconds I'm getting notified of something I already know.
  • #6.Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster - Phone was to the point of literally crushing it in my hands, but this app cleaned bullshit stuff for me and now it's faster by miles
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