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  • #1.Instagram - The videos like to tweak out and I can't watch them like I usually do. The replay keeps popping up like a broken record on repeat.
  • #2.Instagram - ... but the app works as-advertised, and the UI is solid. That rebranding should be reconsidered, however.
  • #3.Instagram - Doesn't work on my data plan like it used to. I can no longer load pictures! So basically making it useless.
  • #4.Instagram - Prefer stop the auto renew .every time have to start form the new post that can't see those old upload pictures
  • #5.Instagram - I have updated my phone to Marshmallow but after downloading Instagram, it says their was a problem starting instagram try uninstalling and reinstalling it. ?
  • #6.Instagram - For some reason I've been having trouble commenting? On one post it may say I can't comment for another day or so but if I try another it'll work? I don't say anything bad so it's confusing.
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