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  • #1.Instagram - Wyd IG?! worst update ever, the old design looks fine to me, the all white look is boring..put back the old one and It's always force closing the app. Fix it please.
  • #2.Instagram - Why have a FB login when I still have to put in all my info and start over!!!..'that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of there's no need in having a FB login button when I have to start over anyway!!!!!
  • #3.Instagram - This was once a beautiful app with a nice interface and cool icon. What happened? The interface is all washed-out and the icon is the worst ever in the history of icon design. IG, do something about it.
  • #4.Instagram - Instagram was the best app to post and share my pics and still is it is more safer than Facebook which shows all your information but I feel like some people on instagram are violating it I mean nude pics people making fun of others it really isn't nice .....and to speak of the new update....sigh!!!it was so colourful and now its just boring but Im gonna have to rate it 2stars but still will use the app
  • #5.Instagram - Instagram has come a long way and its enjoyable to use. The ability to have be logged into multiple accounts and be able to switch between them instantly is amazing. I can upload just about any size picture now too and that's great. On the downside, I'm not a fan at all of the new logo. Luckily I have an icon pack installed so it doesn't affect me much. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the new UI either.
  • #6.Instagram - It's a good app. But for the most part. I have trouble opening the app sometimes please Instagram fix this issue. I love using this app
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