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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for cm security app. The original CM Security upgraded to the Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster (by CM, Cheetah Mobile) and redefined the scope of Phone Security: protects not only your phone but also your privacy. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to cm security app.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - I think that the older version of cm security was more better because.....!when anyone would try to unlock my gallery, fb ,whatsapp ,etc they would not be able to unlock them and would then try to uninstall cm security but they could not unistall it ,because we had to enter into cm security and then uninstall it ..........! But in the latest version you can unistall it very easily, just as we uninstall games and application's .etc......please fix my problem..................please
  • #2.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - Why did u removed WiFi security feature.also include applock that can prevent uninstall of cm security. When my friend seen my applock,he tried to uninstall cm security.I thought that it would prevent uninstallation but it didn't.
  • #3.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - This app is the best phone boost the best antivirus , its the best of the best and I've been using it for 2 years and its perfect
  • #4.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - All cheetahs apps are top notch any device worth protecting chose cheetah mobile. I've had HTC ONE M8 and now Samsung Note 3. Perfect apps for the best security, browser and privacy.
  • #5.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - The only way I downloaded this app is because it was the only thing that was not Crap or makes my phone slow down to much will playing a bit of geometry dash. When I got my new phone it had a worm virus which would wipe out the memory of my phone
  • #6.Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - Solve all the threats. releases all the junk .tooooooooo much to describe so .if you download this your phone is like god without any problems. Download 360security it does work more often and is better much more than that
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