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  • #1.Cooking Fever - Ok first off to all those who say gems are hard to come by, you just to "grind" for them. Keep playing lvls over and over to bring your overall lvl up and get the gem rewards. It seems you can only hit 15 gems once every 24 hours in the casino. It takes like 20 to 30k to get them though while betting 500 every time. Once again grind for money. One thing keeping it from a 5 star game is the intermittent crashing. Somtimes back to my tablet home page to totally resetting my tablet. It does seem like you will never hit more than 15 gems at a time. If anybody has let me know. All in all cool game for being free.
  • #2.Cooking Fever - I loved this game even though it's very much pay to win. Unfortunately since the last update it has become almost impossible to play. It lags horribly but the customer's time meter keeps going. It's also almost impossible to get further the more restaurants you get without paying for it. It's a fun game but it seems the developers are more worried about making money from you than actually producing a quality product. I certainly don't think it should be completely free but it shouldn't take 35 diamonds to get a new restaurant or 15 to level up the kitchen equipment when you only give out 7 diamonds when you play for an hour and level up.
  • #3.Cooking Fever - I love playing this game, but in order to beat a level, you need to spend A LOT of gems in order to advance. This game will get a higher rating once beating levels are more reasonable. You NEED about 150 gems per level, and the you only get 2 gems a day... you do the math! It's IMPOSSIBLE AND FRUSTRATING!!
  • #4.Cooking Fever - Very slow at times, like a delayed reaction or response. The board gets confusing at times. Can't figure out if you suppose to use the gold coins or gems to buy stuff for the restaurant, but you use up the gems quicker. They should include a practice level for this game! Then you can't tell if the levels are timed because there is no timer, but it'll be game over if you get confused!
  • #5.Cooking Fever - If you clear data for the game does it save it on Facebook/Google like other games so you are able to continue. Pls answer to my question if you can
  • #6.Cooking Fever - Really fast paced game. Make sure you put your running shoes on and watch out for burning food. Fun to play but wish I could get more coins. And diamonds easier than real dough,
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