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  • #1.Cooking Fever - Everything needs diamonds to upgrade but the only way to get diamonds is to level up or play a slot machine that you never win. I like this game, but it will get old quickly if it is impossible to move forward.
  • #2.Cooking Fever - You dont give any gems unless we level up (7 crappy gems) which takes weeks of nonstop play and the reward amount doesnt even raise as you do. Or after ten days of playing you start to get 2 crappy gems a day. It takes FOREVER to upgrade kitchen or insides and move on or win challenges. I hardly win them in slots either. I hardly win anything over 600 coins and I never spend less then 10,000 when I go in and I have been playing for about 2-3 years. The 1 out 500 times I do win, its the smallest amount possible. I have spent ALOT of real money on this App in the hopes that with funding you could fix this. However, you have gotten much worse. You don't even give good gems to cash offers. If you refuse to give more gems, then lower the gem cost of stuff in the levels. And it wouldn't hurt to give exp. for using the slots. The new challenges are awful. I paid 15 gems to enter, and over 80 on upgrades and cupcakes and it STILL will not let me pass level 13. Either fix the slots and rewards or loose a good customer!
  • #3.Cooking Fever - I love the game and all the levels. Only down fall is my tablet messed up and they making me start all over again. I put a lot if time and money into the game cause I liked playing it. Only down fall but great game.
  • #4.Cooking Fever - Good fun but I brought 600 gems with real money and some coins and I had unlocked all the restaurants. I signed into Google play and all my progress was wiped. I am not happy! I have deleted this game. All it said was "Welcome to Cooking Fever". You have been warned.
  • #5.Cooking Fever - Love the game but hard to get thru levels without using real money. Not gonna happen getting ready to delete it.
  • #6.Cooking Fever - This a really fun game, very addictive, challenging, exciting, lots of levels, then more but different, gives you ideas. I'm in love!!! You should try it, you won't want to put it down!!! :-) :-) :-)
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