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  • #1.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - In my LG G2 the game just crashing u0026amp; crashing u0026amp; crashing all the time, online or offline just crashing
  • #2.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - I tried to play a quick match and new tournament, but every time I hit the button it runs an ad for 15 sec. Tried this 10 times for both modes. This is pathetic.
  • #3.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Since when is a free hit giving after an out? When bowling, free hits are giving after an out or wicket. Free hits are giving for no reason, i lost a match due to free hits being giving. Bowled the same batsman out 3 times in a row and each time wasnt out. A free hit was also giving even before i bowled. Sound track is annoying, commentry is giving on outs after player starts walking. Devs need to step up on this and fix the bugs.
  • #4.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Dear Team, I liked the game very much but there are few bugs which i had noticed and are serious ones. 1) some times when you take a wicket by doing a clean bowled, initially the umpire states "OUT" but soon after the next batsman comes,umpire signals "4 runs" automatically and thus these runs goes as waste and it happens again and again. 2) sometimes batsman is not ready even after the bowler had bowled and thus resulting in clean bowled. this creates unnecessary wickets. 3) many times "ADD" comes in between the running game and the game continues in the background and by the time we press the "cancel" button, wicket falls. please resolve these issues immediately. Thanks...
  • #5.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - The cpu batsmen gets out even before taking 10 runs..try to improve tat bcoz when a game gets closer to reality its worth playing..make it challenging..even setting to hard makes bowlingg easy..a good game but needs that basic improvement..then ill rate it 5 stars
  • #6.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - game freezes many times and washes away our hard collected coins. Also it stop in between of playing.....try to modify if u can..
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