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  • #1.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Who told that Ashwin and Raina bowl by left hand? I used to like this game before updates but now, it has become troublesome. Pls fix some bugs in batting.
  • #2.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Its really a good version. I like the way of hitting ball with different shots. Few issues I have - top left corner direction is not working most of the time. When I tried to tap the arrow in that direction (long on for right hand) the batsman is not doing anything and getting bowled most of the times. The next issue is the game is getting crashed and simply the app is closed. When I relaunch the app I lost the game I was in middle.. Getting crashed immediately if not online
  • #3.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Very good game , but not that much.......this game had so many ad's in between the game i can't consertate on the game so i am loosing wickets.................but not that bad....this game
  • #4.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Sorry Developer I have to change my review. Reducing 2 stars. 1 for frequent crashing and other for distress it is getting me into.
  • #5.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Perfect shots need to b their also if u could give name and no on players tshirt that will b fine again a for the faster bowler n spining action need to be their...
  • #6.Cricket Unlimited 2017 - Too much ads.. after every 2 mins.. so much annoying. If we turn off wifi and mobile data then ad images are not displayed and game is stuck. I have to forcefully close it. I will give 4 stars if you remove ads and stop using wifi or cellular data.
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