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  • #1.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Only 1 improvememt needed. Allow us to adjust the brightness rather then the preset one. The preset happens to be too dark when watch video in dark.
  • #2.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Now it takes more time to load news than its earlier version. Annoyed by uc music as its kind of a forced app and sometimes, when a headphone, or a speaker is connected, it automatically plays the last song played on the browser. Moreover it can not play all types of music file. Otherwise its good enough, especially while downloading. Please ensure that adding new features or looks don't interrupt the performance. We are more excited about upgrade in performace rather than new looks or features.
  • #3.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - My phone restarted by itself and lost the tabs there was an option to retreive the tabs but it was gone suddenly
  • #4.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Because it is app for downloading videos, movies and songs it also have shopping apps and daily news
  • #5.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Performance is too faster then any browser and data saver also... that's way 55 star's @ ***************....
  • #6.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - the downloading is stop when I'm going on lock screen. otherwise downloading is too stop when I'm minimize this app. only one condition the downloading will success every time online on uc browser. please fix my problem. Thanks
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