• #1.Doctor Driving - This game have good steering,xsilator more games have on left side steering but this game steering on right side so playing is very easy
  • #2.Doctor Driving - I like it But it need more cars like police car ambulance any more But it is a nice game
  • #3.Doctor Driving - This is called a game made car addictors and love to drive a car.SUPERB graphics and awesome and easy to play but may you please reduce the prices of the car thats all the problem i meet. THANKYOU FOR SUCH A GOOD GAME MAY YOU RELEASE MORE NEW GAMES LIKE THIS.
  • #4.Doctor Driving - Very nice game.... The only problem am facing is the inability to PAUSE the game... Pls fix this and receive your 5_
  • #5.Doctor Driving - This is like driving a real car. Good graphics. I love this game so much that I rate it ! Very challenging and good for to increase the skills of the Brian!
  • #6.Doctor Driving - It's an outstanding game of driving,but we want something new... Like racing,taxi driving and also most important thing that the interior design of each vehicle including steering, break ect should be unique.
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