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  • #1.Doctor Driving - most of the car games r voilence and fights which girls like me hate so i recomend this game cause its different than others and who doesnt like a change of course it teaches us how to drive and not to beat winning isnt everything its about winning with style and passion!
  • #2.Doctor Driving - Awesome game..But why have so many deadrood?arhh..not good..hmm..I will give full star but you have to put this game a long rood!TQ ya!!
  • #3.Doctor Driving - I real appreciate your work, but I got disturbed by frequently disconnection of the game, can you solve this problem so that I can rate it five stars? I use tecno c8.
  • #4.Doctor Driving - The best game I have ever played 2 grew few #wwtw I I will will never forgets my cars and mostly I think to uninstall it wy download it again the reason to the right new year year onethat I sent sent you to to be be get the the same best time-consuming
  • #5.Doctor Driving - The best game ever i would recomand it the best driving game you could download. If you did not like this game you suck!!!!!!!!!
  • #6.Doctor Driving - It look more like a simulator then a online game, plus the picture for the app isn't very good, try and make it eye-catching and if u do all that then the app will storming with downloads
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