• #1.Doctor Driving - It is the best game but there is one problem.It is not a problem actually it is a question how can we earn gold coins?And because of this we can't unlock all vehicles so that's why I rated it four (4) stars
  • #2.Doctor Driving - This is really fun. Whenever I go when I get bored I just play it then here I come.. I'm enjoying while playing this
  • #3.Doctor Driving - I give 5 stars but u need to do something we need new things I hope next update you will do or other wise I uninstall it
  • #4.Doctor Driving - I have no words for admiration.brilliant game ever ever.please make another games like Dr's my heartily requeste to Studio UP DOWN
  • #5.Doctor Driving - It is a great time should get this game.It is exciting and you will not want to stop playing it.
  • #6.Doctor Driving - This game is the best, the only problem is that you can't see it from the top so when your parking it is possible but very hard
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