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  • #1.Doctor Driving - It is a great time passer.you should get this game.It is exciting and you will not want to stop playing it.
  • #2.Doctor Driving - Its hard to park in parking area because no side mirror next update please add side mirror i give 5 stars but good game
  • #3.Doctor Driving - This is a good game but just a little faster but either than that AMAZING game plz make more games like this thank you.
  • #4.Doctor Driving - Best driving game ever but please add something to get gold coins then 5 stars u0026amp; please do that cars on road can take turn rather than running at front and stopping at road end.
  • #5.Doctor Driving - This game is awesome I love to play it every day after I come from school I can say I am a little absesd with the game {my mother would usually say} but I really don't think im so much with absesed with it I just really like the game
  • #6.Doctor Driving - It let me feel excited in learning an actual driving. But please add an additional challenge in this app.
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