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  • #1.Dr. Parking 4 - Need to improve the graphics and give more hard levels in the next game. .. This game is really interesting
  • #2.Dr. Parking 4 - Put the challenger and charger new and old models and 300 srt8 and regular model new cars would do the trick and also free mode like the other game
  • #3.Dr. Parking 4 - I was waiting for this type pf game because the steering of this game rons not hang and i am expecting more this type of game
  • #4.Dr. Parking 4 - Why is this game not connecting to Google Play on my tablet? It's only connecting on my phone. On my tablet I can only play in practice mode. That's really lame. Please fix.
  • #5.Dr. Parking 4 - Please add more practice stage and that will be perfect.Btw u can also add moving car then we try to park . tq
  • #6.Dr. Parking 4 - I love this game you guys should try it and I also know that you will like it promise me. I wish I would never die because I love this game so much bye guys.
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