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  • #1.VLC for Android - I use this on my phone and every computer I have I like it so much I wish google or Microsoft would just start using it standard
  • #2.VLC for Android - I have a movie"Guardians of the Galaxy"and it's resolution was 1272x528,it was playing but I heard no sound,then I thought about VLC media Player and then installed it in my phone and it worked very smooth and has a very good user interface. It plays any resolution(the quality worse than qvga to 1080p) and any format on the device. I have an Xperia C4. It plays many formats but it couldn't play the audio of this resolution so I installed it. I my opinion it should earn 4 - 5 stars. Oh! I wrote this much?!
  • #3.VLC for Android - glitches a lot. When I open a song with it almost always glitches at the beginning of the song but other than that great.
  • #4.VLC for Android - I'm a long time fan of MX player but I had trouble playing one of the episodes of a T. V show I've downloaded,so I tried VLC and found out that there were lots of improvements that was implemented compare to the neo version of it. well, it was able to play the episode that I need the watch! lol. More power to the VLC team. Thanks
  • #5.VLC for Android - Why are the songs in albums not sorted by names? Why can't I get everything in a single music player.
  • #6.VLC for Android - Easy to use, found all my music and plays them with no trouble. Had been trying to o find a .WMA file player for a while and I really enjoy this one. Thanks!
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