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  • #1.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - This game is fun cause, you can change your turning. You should play it if you don't have it already
  • #2.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - A great app, have and will continue to enjoy it for a while but.... There are a few bugs that can hopefully be fixed soon. *Firstly, there have been numerous times that I have accidentally crashed into a speed sign and it has become lodged in the front of my truck, completely blocking my view. *The cars, trucks and buses couldn't turn a corner if their life depended on it *Speed limits and traffic lights give too little notice and are hard to read/see. * The roundabout signs to not act as other signs and don't fall over if you crash into them. *Why do i get fined if the crazy person driving a bus or something randomly veers into me on the highway??? *A little more notice on the roadworks please, I don't think its reasonable for someone to go from 130km/h to 50km/h and change lanes in only the few meters the draw distance allows in advance. *And lastly but certainly not least, why do tinny dust bins, fire hydrants, traffic cones and other street garbage stop the truck dead in its tracks, become logged in something and never break off to allow the truck to proceed, it is a SIMULATOR, try ramming a tiny dustbin with a truck at 100km/h in real life and see what happens.
  • #3.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - Can't see rear mirror, side mirror due to hud!! Fix it please. Loving the game, but this is causing too much problem!
  • #4.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - the only thing that is annoying is that when I am in that same tollbooth on the edge of the map theres is always like an invisible wcan breakall that can break
  • #5.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - It keeps shutting down after I play it for a little while automatically, and then changes my home screen wallpaper. Other cars keep crashing into me and that's -50 please add a blinker to other cars. Please add speedometer, sleep gauge, and truck damage to the interior of the truck. It keeps making me crash by the like in Facebook message, and loading maps message please fix that. Fix the brakes on all trucks. The multiplayer mode NEVER WORKS. Please fix all of the bugs, and make a better update.
  • #6.Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) - Sir, your works are fantastic I've had more of your games but I've had some storage problems, you know, by the way the graphics are just lovely, congratulations!
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