• #1.Facebook - This app is not installing and takes a lot of attempts to install and also not updating takes a lot of attempts to update please fix it
  • #2.Facebook - For some reason, it takes forever to update my top stories and most recent, and when I like a status or photo and refresh the page, it's as if I never liked it. I might as well just use Facebook on my internet browser.
  • #3.Facebook - For some reason, Facebook likes to crash on me at least 4-5 times a day while I'm watching videos. It's getting annoying.
  • #4.Facebook - The last months or so, fb has been so unreliable for me. I can't click on links unless I restart my phone and when I'm looking something up and go back it takes me to the home page versus the last thing I was looking at so I have to look it up again just to get where I was. This is really annoying and disappointing. Please fix this.
  • #5.Facebook - It has occasional log outs, posts that would stop uploading then upload a few weeks after I intended to upload the post. There are random times that it gets stuck on the blank screen with the Facebook logo and would take a few app restarts before I may use it again. Please fix these. I also suggest a material design for the interface to match the rest of android and uninterrupted upload even if the connection is weak. The rest is great!
  • #6.Facebook - One problem need fixing. The notification count badge doesn't sync corresponding to the full website's. I have seen all notifications on the website but the app badge still shows unread notifications. It won't disappear unless I open the app.
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