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  • #1.Facebook - I just don't like social media...wouldn't use it if there was a different way to stay in calling people and spending time with them
  • #2.Facebook - This update is annoying, I never complain on sites. But seriously. I can't seem to post on walls. If I click on a link and return to fb it takes me to the popular age and not to my original post. Please fix.
  • #3.Facebook - Since the latest update yesterday, everything keeps freezing up and I end up with a blank white screen. ALSO, there are no longer any sounds when liking/posting!! Please FIX IT!!!
  • #4.Facebook - When are you guys finally going to fix this app? Not everyone has a new tablet that runs the latest software.fix this crappy app!
  • #5.Facebook - There's no option to select which album you want the photos to be uploaded to. Only have the location and the audience option.
  • #6.Facebook - Always giving an update w/c is I think very useless since nothing has changed on the app after updating. Does not even support FACEBOOK LIVE on Samsung J5 phone w/c I dont know why. It doesnt make sense to me at all. But the FEATURES are all okay except these errors
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