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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for fighting tiger 2. 游戏中您将扮演一个原本是狂虎帮的残暴战斗机器-Gin,但Gin结识了真爱Shan,在Shan的规劝下且对打打杀杀生活的厌倦,Gin决定脱离黑帮组织回归平凡生活,但昔日黑帮并不会让你就这么的简单脱离,为了报复,黑帮已经绑架了Shan,Gin决定接受挑战救回真爱浴火重生。 游戏特点: *特别的战斗风格:以自由搏击击溃阻挡去路的黑帮打手 *流畅与激烈的武术格斗功夫、八极拳、劈挂掌、散打搏击:拳法、腿击法、擒法、摔法、闪躲、防卫. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to fighting tiger 2.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.虎斗拳 - The game is good l passed the whole levels and they need to add more levels and give the good guys weapons and make their opponents strong like the last ninja u fight at the end
  • #2.虎斗拳 - Very excellent game total.. But after 6 level can't reach to next level ...y I want to add more levels to this game sir plz
  • #3.虎斗拳 - I suggest to include versus game that we can choose all enemy of the game to be fight and also can u add some new characters with new martial arts fighting technique because i really love this game.
  • #4.虎斗拳 - I like it's simplicity u0026amp; straightforwardness of this game. It does however need some improving in terms of the usage of the english language u0026amp; the storyline was too short as i was able to complete this game in less than an hour. It has potential though given e right improvements u0026amp; overall I am satisfied. It could be e next big thing for android gaming. Fighting Tiger 2 perhaps? :P
  • #5.虎斗拳 - It is not bad but not that good too. The fighting skills are good and it is fun to play but the game is very short. I just finished the whole game in just few hours after installing it. It was good for time pass
  • #6.虎斗拳 - - simply nice, but too simple. add special effects for gorgeous fight scene, like elements and skills (very important), also gear to make char tougher and awesome looking!:)
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