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  • #1.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - We can see all types of new features,themes, jokes,apps,internet, songs,wallpapers etc to use very easily I am impressed with this app I love soo much Thanks
  • #2.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - Though the another features of this browser are very well but it does not support Google settings. Download speed is slow. Moreover it wastes 10 MB data per 45 MB file downloads. So I request to the UC team to solve the problem as soon as possible and it may be very well if you add a powerful antivirus protection with this browser. After solving those problems I will give a five star ratings.
  • #3.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - After latest update i am facing a lot of problems while downloading my download speed reduced also when my phone is in lock screen. Download get hanged then it re download that file. Uc browser was best earlier but now it is full of bugy
  • #4.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - This is one app i always download on to my devices. The only one improvement they could make would be upgrading responsiveness. Its not as responsive as Chrome or Android Browser when it comes to multimedia, you definitely dont want to be watching videos on it. But none match this app for downloads. I consistently get speeds of 1.5Mb or more and thats when flicking between 3G and 4G. Using one for high end browsing and this for putting downloads in the background improves app performance.
  • #5.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - I have reviewed my problem last 15 days ago and you guys replied with some steps to do and i have done it and it is solved also but again the same problem is occuring and i have followed once again the steps you have send earlier but the problem didnt solved yet. Still facebook is not opening showing that Bad network Connection even in fast 3g network. I have uploaded the log report more than 10 times but still facebook is not opening.
  • #6.UC Browser- Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App - As Add-Blocker add-on UC now must have a PORN BLOCKER add-on in order to acheive safety terms... Plz add PORN BLOCKER in order to make browsing SAFE and CLEAN ... U must think about it UC TEAM n plz try to add it in next successor UPDATE ... n plz try to REPLY dat r u going to proceed for it or I UNINSTALL UC browser from my mobile...
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