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  • #1.Angry Birds 2 - The gameplay is the same bird flinging fare with much added but the presentation is excessive for my taste.
  • #2.Angry Birds 2 - It is so easy fun and simple to play AND it actually has a good story to fight for the eggs and a reason to have like 150 levels of fighting for the eggs.
  • #3.Angry Birds 2 - I played angry birds for some quite now and it never got boring, it always been fun since the beginning.
  • #4.Angry Birds 2 - 1) Life meter needs to go. 2) Daily challenge too difficult. 3) Needs a way to change battle partner in the arena, other than restarting the game. If all my birds are level 2 and the other person has all level 3+ birds, then my defeat is all but certain. 4) Better free treasure. 5) Too many feathers needed for level 4 and up. Change those and the game will be perfect.
  • #5.Angry Birds 2 - Games great, but then it will crash everytime after 5 mins and i will have to repeat the level again.. its getting really annoying
  • #6.Angry Birds 2 - Just did the latest upgrade. This upgrade is awful. Every time I play level 581 and finish off the 4th room, the screen goes black and I have to restart. Fix your bugs before you release a new version! Update: just tried the daily challenge twice and it crashed both times b4 the 1st room appeared. You screwed the pooch, guys!
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