• #1.Instagram - When I press the enter key while messaging on Instagram it just sends when I only want it to do what a normal enter button would do while typing and just go down a line so that I can keep typing in the same message
  • #2.Instagram - It's awesome connecting to ppl of similar interests. ...too many pics get taken down over stupid objections.
  • #3.Instagram - Since 12May,2016 my Facebook account have hacked, crashed, deleted by hackers... It was created on 25 December, 2012...The Facebook security team.. make a big promises... Today ...They are saying.we are should. write to WIPO....What a shame...!!! Today Facebook, Instagram, Messenger have crashed... What a Use of them for me...just shameful...!!!
  • #4.Instagram - I cant delete my history .like if if i search someone up an click delete history itll delete but than 2 min later they will appear again .an its annoying
  • #5.Instagram - Love it! Everyone needs to at least try it! Works perfect on my Note 5 especially when you are sick of FB!
  • #6.Instagram - I love it because you can see other peoples pics and I made 2 videos of me singing so go check those out at tissicono
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