• #1.Instagram - The little blur that comes up before every single photo I open is distracting and makes me feel like instagram is slower than normal. It is not, and thus I don't understand why you'd want your users to feel annoyed at your app...
  • #2.Instagram - I love Instagram and the pictures shared on it. The ability to change the effects of the pictures and the addition of new filters keeps it updated. Also, being able to share to a number of pages at the same time is a great feature.
  • #3.Instagram - Love the app and use it all the time and I would give it a 5 star, but after I updated the app the icon changed and the actual app didn't. My phone is 5.0 (android) and I recently got a phone for calling and texting, and that one is 5.1.1, and Instagram looks different internally but yet on my main phone it looks like the old Instagram.
  • #4.Instagram - You guys were much better before this "new algorithm". Would be more respectful if users could have a chance to choose what kind of timeline they want to see. I've been losing a lot of recent moments of my friends because a random line of code is saying that I should see a 48 hours ago post instead of something new. Please respect your users and give us a option to have better experiences in your product.
  • #5.Instagram - It would be really nice if like on facebook you could click on a picture to pull it up bigger and zoom in to see it better and have options including to save it. That would be awesome! Especially for android.... And if you could safe the pictures. I prefer Facebook because ov that so that's where I post all my pictures so people can save them
  • #6.Instagram - I loved this app until the recent update. My news feed doesn't load and when I refresh the page I see posts from 2+hrs ago.. I never see anything new. It's always hours old. u0026amp;u0026amp; This is only since the update.
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