• #1.Temple Run - I was wondering if you have any questions about the new year and the other day that you are looking for the next day or night and then click the button to add to basket is currently being a good time for a few minutes to get the best way to get the best thing is to provide the following areas of interest in our lives and the rest is not responsible for delivering the message of the day and age and the other hand is the most popular iPhone app for my android phone and I will not be used to be the best.
  • #2.Temple Run - The thing of swipes slow is because your touch panel is not yet filtered or cleaned or u don't have a screen protractor.
  • #3.Temple Run - hi,I'm Lena I'm tina f on msp lolgirl22go on mubimna and on top girl I'm lenaharder plz friend me! anyway great game my sister loves it
  • #4.Temple Run - HARD when you just start the game but once you get use to it then it's easy I like this game but you don't have to like this game.
  • #5.Temple Run - Temple run is good but there's 2 problems. Firstly it lags up alot and is really annoying and secondly it gets boring. If they could just make it more interesting then it would be awesome
  • #6.Temple Run - Fun game for long rides or boring moments. One thing I think the should add is new obstacles like: going in between floppy bird tube by using wings that you have for the hole game and never disappears
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