• #1.Vector - the game is great but you need to increase coins each lvl so not to play the lvl again and again to get more coins
  • #2.Vector - Even though it seems impossible to pass some levels I think it's just me who sucks and not the game. .
  • #3.Vector - I Loved Playing The Regular Game Then I Unlocked Hunter Mode Hunter Mode Is So Hard Scratch That Impossible You Can Say All The Man Running In Front Of You Is Impossible To Catch I Would Give It 5 Stars But Fix Hunter Mode!!!!!!!!!!
  • #4.Vector - Love the game, hate the fact that in app purchase didn't restore when I got a new phone, and the architecture issue for the Galaxy S6 active.
  • #5.Vector - Great game!!! Immersive and difficult I find myself playing levels over and over striving to get that third star before moving to the next level. Once I beat it right handed I go back and try to beat it left handed :) im playing on the free version, the game definitely seems worth buying! Bottom line, I recommend this game its simple yet addictive, intuitive, and fun!!!!
  • #6.Vector - I downloaded this game but it ask to download extra content. I tried to download extra content but after 6% it comes back to main menu. I expected fun but now It is disappointing Please help me to make it working. Then I'll Surely give it Five Stars hope you will help me.
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