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  • #1.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - This game hangs on level 16 after crossing 3rd stop. Plz fix this asap. I am not able to play beyond this level
  • #2.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - game is very good... but plz fix the game because it crashed on any time while playing.... also sometimes the camera of a train get randomise... plz plz fix it....
  • #3.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - Does best in train simulation. Easy to get used too. Good graphics. Lot to develop and look forward for the developments
  • #4.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - This game is amazing.....need more updates to play more levels....personally, I feel if the game settings can be optimised to reduce data consumption as well to prevent heating and battery consumption..... It would be the best...
  • #5.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - Nice game with admirable graphics and perfect ideology The only thing need to be changed is the requirement of stars to cross a level Please remove that feature when the game gers an update
  • #6.Train Simulator 2016 Prank - Train game my dreem game.very very nice,good,excellent, perfect, super,and i like it.thank u developed teem.(small chang for me-camera view u0026amp; game music stop option)many many many thank u.excellent job.
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