• #1.Angry Birds Rio - I love playing angry birds buy I don't like having to pay every time I play, either that or wait 5 hrs. That sucks
  • #2.Angry Birds Rio - Ha ha ha killing those monkey was so much fun!!! I love that game please like this game people!!!!!!
  • #3.Angry Birds Rio - I used to love these games, but Rovio has become so money hungry they are no longer fun. The new level here wants to make me wait 10 minutez between levels or pay coins to continue! I'm so sick and tired of it. Angry birds 2 is just as bad. Way to ruin what used to be the best game around.
  • #4.Angry Birds Rio - Not only too many ads, but the game collapses after each one of them and needs restart. Not fun at all! Delete.
  • #5.Angry Birds Rio - The wait or pay to play is disgusting. I miss the older versions where you didn't have to pay if you didn't use power ups. Rovio is it's own worst enemy these days.
  • #6.Angry Birds Rio - This is my favorite Angry Birds game. I love the daily awards. This game is fairly easy and fun to play!
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