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  • #1.Farm Heroes Saga - Every time I update, it causes crashing of app. This is getting old. Does anyone actually read these things at King? Helllooooo????
  • #2.Farm Heroes Saga - I'm unable to get passed level 260. The level freezes after your 9th move. Loved the game at first, now not so much...
  • #3.Farm Heroes Saga - It's a great game! Very challenging but fun! I highly recommend this game!!!!! It's very addictive!!
  • #4.Farm Heroes Saga - Would love to buy animal cards after winning them. Once again am impressed with the bonuses including boosters in more challenges within this game. Simply the greatest pastime ever. The ads are so Large! that my access to play and message button is difficult. On collecting animal card bonus, was offline and could not retrieve yet now it is marked as retrieved and can not get. Thank you for the holiday specials. .Shows your client caring and continued attention, quality in your work with King enterprises.
  • #5.Farm Heroes Saga - NO STARS !!!!! Why why why Everytime I get 3 stars on level 66 I don't get my new heroes?!?!? I have 3 stars and no heroes this is terrible I'll be deleting cause I got a new phone to play this game and it still is giving me this malfunction deleting!!! NO STARS
  • #6.Farm Heroes Saga - Really fun to play and hard but not hard enough to where you have to use money but some in app purchases are just and can enhance your play.
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