• #1.Rail Rush - I went thru missions three times and obtained the diamond gem!! Is that it are there anymore gems???
  • #2.Rail Rush - When online it has so much lagg and i can barley move cart in the place i want it to. Please can you try and fix lag on multiplayer
  • #3.Rail Rush - My family luke this game and the mission are asome
  • #4.Rail Rush - Real groovy game with lots to do.Good to take depression away.Should keep this game totally free to the publc no out of pocket costs of any kind.Reminds me of Indian jones days.Consider my advice for a upgrade. Good luck on the game. THE BAY RIDGE REVIEW KING OF BROOKLYN
  • #5.Rail Rush - This game is a nice infinite running game. It has various traps and nice atmosphere which takes you in it. But as far as I've played the game only renders the same thing over and over. It would be better if new things came up with longer runs.
  • #6.Rail Rush - Its a nice game but........... I just think the game will be better if you can make those levels free not all of them that would really improve the game
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