• #1.Angry Birds 2 - It is nice those are made this game I say them thanks for it , its new entertainment for me and other's
  • #2.Angry Birds 2 - Well it made me uninstall and reinstall, and then started me over from the effing beginning, i put in soooo much work on this game just to b screwed out of all of it, thakns a heap!!!!!! u0026amp;gt;:(
  • #3.Angry Birds 2 - The graphics and sound effects are the only bonus of this game. The first angry birds was challenging it required skill and technique...that's what made it fun to play. This one is OK at best
  • #4.Angry Birds 2 - need to be able to earn more feather online, more feathers were given out b4. gems should be given if you pass a level. prices on package bundles are too expensive, price needs to be reconsidered and reduced to increase sales; at least this was more players will consider buying gems and gifts to beat there friends and be the best
  • #5.Angry Birds 2 - I love how it is in the angry birds toons style I would give 5 stars if Bubbles the orange bird and Hal the green bird were in a soon update
  • #6.Angry Birds 2 - Better gameplay and feel than the originals, animations and sound are greatly improved too. Not a big fan of the cliche online features though.
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