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  • #1.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - Can't choose video quality, buffering lags. Pause and play problem. Can't even watch a single video properly. Need lots of Improvement
  • #2.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - it is so good to watch shows like v and all here, as there is no interruptions while i am playing the shows.
  • #3.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - movies, colors comedy shows and what not for kids too. It is all I need for full scale entertainment
  • #4.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - thanks a lot for nickelodeon, this cahnnel gives me a lot of time to work as my child is busy watching shows with it.
  • #5.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - thanks a ton for the nice r and better exerience with shows like . With things there is nothing like tyour app. It works for me.
  • #6.Voot TV Shows Movies Cartoons - It just does not work even in a better internet bandwidth. Not that a great experience compared to YouTube. Funny thing was there was a Voot add for almost a minute in Voot app.. :-D
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