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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for google plus apps. 500 million installs strong, PicsArt is the #1 photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to google plus apps.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - This app just got onto another level ...sort of like a photo shopping app... it's too good
  • #2.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - I loved it but it doesn't work on my new phone. It always says that it's not responding. I have moto g3 and android 6.0.1. Update: it doesn't work if it's installed on the SD card
  • #3.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - Obtuse and overly complicated. I don't need to go through ANY additional screens if I want to draw on an image. Saving a image results in an additional copy to clean at a later time. Junk app. 0 stars Edit to reply: You miss the point even further. I don't require to spend time reading tutorials to navigate through your cumbersome app. I need an app that functions simply, that has extra functions built in that everyone already knows how to use. I dont need to select resize or lock or aspect ratio when I opened the app to blank something out on a picture before I even have the option to blank something out. I ONLY opened the app to blank something out, not be presented with options and information I never requested, care, or change to modify. This app literally seems more complicated than if photoshop from desktop was ported to mobile. complicated for no reason, or to look advanced junk. I will be sending you an invoice for app consulting, please pay within 30days.
  • #4.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - I recommend this app to everyone who asks! It's everything I need to edit all the photos of tattoos for my shop, to create the layout for my business cards, to finalize vinyl designs for promotions, etc.! Everything I need! My husband always tried pointing me towards photoshop, but once I finally got him to try PicsArt with his new Note 5, he loved it! Now he won't use much else either!
  • #5.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - I have been using picsart for years and I just realized I've never rated it before. This app has absolutely everything you need to make professional looking graphic designs. I love it and highly recommend it to everyone who loves playing with graphics.
  • #6.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - Love the idea of this how about incorporating a erase effect via picture of objects in the frame it self. Like now and before with the same pic. Besides this 5 stars.
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