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  • #1.Amazon India Shopping - Please speed up your app and ui also when i open any deal this app take to much time to open deal and also pictures i am on best wifi speed but still this problem occurred.
  • #2.Amazon India Shopping - Good app.....only problem is there is no share option to show a product to other person before buying. ..
  • #3.Amazon India Shopping - The app may be , Less eye appealing but , has best of the functionalities available in shopping apps . Nothing that u can't do on app . While in other apps things like reviews are only desktop feature. It's evident in large no of reviews on Amazon compared to others .
  • #4.Amazon India Shopping - Easy to use.....variety of options and the amazon has the best return i buy without thinking twice as i can replace or return if not satisfied with the product....great going guys
  • #5.Amazon India Shopping - There is no proper way to organise some things for which customer's are on it.. Worst features and no quality products, I suggest you my friends do not select Amazon for ua needs of anything..
  • #6.Amazon India Shopping - Easy to use clear pictures and most of all bug free( as per my use) love the Amazon app gives them an edge over the competition
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