• #1.Amazon India Online Shopping - Every thing is OK but do not care at all to the customer's sentiment. As I have requested several times not to send anything through BLUEDART as they delays every time for many days, earlier every item shipped through FEDEX and they gave me superb service, so please sent my items through FEDEX or any other but not through BLUEDART. Till they are sending through BLUEDART . don't know why this is happening where as others like eBay ,Snapdeal taken prompt action.
  • #2.Amazon India Online Shopping - App layout is great, however with prolonged browsing through the catalogue it always freezes up and crashes only to restart again at the main page. This happened once while I was about to make a payment due to which the payment could not be completed. Please fix this issue. Thank You
  • #3.Amazon India Online Shopping - I thought Amazon was the best online shopping site so we used get so many things from here. Later we ordered an reflective tape which dint match our expectations so we returned it. Then we ordered an screen guard for moto g and got a flip cover. Again we returned it. Approximately 4 months ago we returned both the items and still didn't get the money back. We still have hope that you get the money back soon. So please do it a bit faster then I will rate it 5 stars.
  • #4.Amazon India Online Shopping - this is like 3rd or 4th time i was been cheated with amazon product. Recently i have purchased a LIK watch. As it reached to me the look is really awesome but the watch was not running on the time after i set my local time. for every milli second the watch was stopping. I have took i to the watch shop to find out the problem. They said that it was Mechanism Problem. The same happend before when i purchased OK stand. Amazon sent me sone what like used product. It was looked like as if someone used it.
  • #5.Amazon India Online Shopping - I had bought Samsung Fridge from Amazon which they had delivered almost after 12 days, after that I had called customer care for installation for which they had shared Samsung customer care number I had called them I got message that 2nit before 8pm our engineer will visit and will do the installation even after 4 days of follow-ups with Amazon and Samsung customer care nobody has visited. Now Amazon is saying they have escalated the issue and it is under observation
  • #6.Amazon India Online Shopping - Poor quality of products and services not providing on time. Replacement also not available. Please don't buy anything from here.
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